What Is Nexgen Nails

Do you want your nails to stand out + you’re thinking of experimenting with some new options? Look into the Nexgen manicure, here’s why you’ll love it!

NexGen nails are a newer manicure on the market. They are super sturdy and popular in America but are slowly making their appearance even in Europe. They are very interesting and different from any other artificial nails that you’ve had before, and here is everything you need to know about them before you commit to the manicure.

Top 5 Facts About NexGen Nails


These nails look pretty natural, especially once compared to other acrylics or gels. They are pretty elastic as well as flexible, which makes them perfect for women who prefer natural-looking manicures. Some women can have this polish for up to 30 days without the need for a touch-up! If you are a fan of natural + long-lasting, this is the ideal fit for you.

Sturdy & Promising

The name NexGen stands for the Next-generation manicure. This is because their manufacturer believes that you should experience amazing quality for the price that you are paying. Some U.S. salons use NexGen material since they are fairly priced, and long-lasting while being sturdy. The NexGen name is appropriate as well as accurate since polishes are made with different substances than your acrylics or gels.

Beautiful nails

Easy To Apply

A nail tech that works with NexGen nails and materials will easily apply your manicure with a wide sort of colors and glitters. There is the crystal set, the typical pink and french white set, as well as the colors set. You won’t need the UV lamp since this manicure can dry fast and on its own. This also makes it practical if you’re going to do your nails on your own, and at your home.

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Some Amazing Features

When paying for a service at the salon, as well as when purchasing a polish bottle, you expect it to be phenomenal, right? Here’s what you can expect from NexGen nails:

You Can Polish On Top

If you get tired of your current color and manicure, you can color on top of it! NexGen is, as previously mentioned, flexible and natural-looking. This makes it easy to work with, as well as paint on top. Women who own a lot of their polishes, as well as gel polishes, will fancy using their own color on top of NexGen nails. You can do this whenever you get bored with your color, or when you can’t make an appointment at the salon.