What Are Solar Nails

A lot of people don’t know about solar nails, are you one of them? If so, don’t worry, here is everything that you need to know about solar nails!

Solar nails are a newer type of artificial acrylic nails that are manufactured by one brand, called Creative Nail Design. Women love them since they are pretty sturdy, as well as long-lasting while not being expensive. If you are one of those who women who are craving a long-lasting manicure, you will enjoy solar nails for your everyday events and activities!

Top 5 Facts About Solar Nails

Better Than Acrylics

You usually get your acrylics done every 2-3 weeks, right? Well, this process is a bit more expensive than a solar nail application. In fact, with acrylics you need to replace an entire nail, hence why the hefty price point. On the other hand, solar nails are only refilled every 3 weeks! You won’t have to remove them completely, and you will only get a refill.

Customizable Length

Since these are not your natural nails, you can expect them to look long & thick. You can go for any length that suits your preference. Once placed down, the solar gel will protect your natural nails while giving them the right shape. This gel is a lot more comfortable as well as thick than your polish gel.

Better Than Acrylics

Unique Properties

A lot of gel and acrylic manicures tend to fade and become yellow in time. This is due to heavy sun exposure as well as UV rays. With solar nails, you can freely tan and enjoy your beach days! They are super thick and made in such a way that they won’t turn yellow!

Elegant Manicure

The most common go-to reason why women choose solar nails is that they are nicely shaped into a French manicure. A solar manicure usually ranges for $30-40, but this can depend on where you live, as well as your countries standards. Either way, busy workaholic women will usually rock this polish.

Mess-Free Application

Mess-Free Application

As long as you book a trustworthy nail artist, you will end up with mesmerizing results. They will apply the solar gel with tiny brushes while using the well-known white/clear pink color gel. You can do this application on your own, as long as you find the solar nail gel in stores or online. Of course, a UV lamp is a must-have, just as it is with any nail application.