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Trying to get long lashes with ease, at an affordable price, and overnight? Thats what i was thinking, so i decided to try them out and write these Vegalash Reviews. These two products by VegaLASH might be your go-to everyday solution. Keep reading these Vegalash Reviews to find out more!

Best Vegalash Products Reviewed

Vegamour VegaLash Volumizing Serum Review

If you want some serious volume and you want long-lasting growth results make sure you try out this lash serum. With often and regular use, it can turn your lashes super fluffy and voluminous in the long run, without any downsides. VegaLash experts recommend that you use this product for at least 30 days if you want noticeable results.

Amazing Volume

Make sure you are committed to this eyelash growth serum and you will be left with naturally fluffy and thicker looking lashes. This lash serum is clinically proven that it can strengthen and visibly lengthen our lashes while being safe and cruelty-free!

The product is free of any fragrance, it is gluten-free, and is safe for those with sensitive eyes, or women who are prone to irritations. You won’t experience any downsides, inflammations, or discoloration with often use of this product.


Manufacture even offers a 30-day money back guarantee in case you end up disliking the product.

In fact, this plant based growth serum is so high-quality that it can deliver results no matter the eyelash type you have.

The tube is filled with zinc and biotin, and it can create fluffy and healthy lashes for all the skin and eyelash types.

You can even use this serum on false lashes (eyelash extensions) because it is oil-free, meaning that it won’t damage your eyelash extensions or move them.

However, make sure you never skip a day when applying this eyelash growth serum, and don’t stop using it once you get your desired length.

If you do, your lashes will return back to their natural state in about one month, or even less. Once you are satisfied with your current eyelash volume you can start using the serum once a day for optimal results.

How To Apply It?

  • Add the serum as you would if you were applying your liquid eyeliner on top of your eyelash line. You can also add a thin line along your lower lashes as well (if you think that they are short and non-voluminous).
  • Make sure you apply the serum each morning after waking up and in the evening before going to bed.
  • Make sure your skin is clear, and apply makeup on top as you'd normally do after the serum has been absorbed and dried down.
After about 2 months of regular use, you can gradually slow down with the usage and apply the serum once a day only (preferably at night).


  • Natural / Plant Based
  • Vegan
  • Filled with Biotin
  • Helps with non-voluminous upper and lower lashes
  • Can be used by all people
  • Gives results within 30 days


  • Your eye lashes will go back to their previous state if you stop using the serum
  • Not Cheap

VegaLash Volumizing Serum Review​ Verdict:

If you want to have optimal results try out this serum. It can boost your eyelash growth and will leave you with naturally fuller and thicker lashes. Women who have sparse and thin eyelashes will benefit the most from this product, watch your eyelashes grow!

Also, it is very important not to skip one single application, and make sure you are consistent and persistent with this product. If you use it for long enough you will end up with long & fluffy upper and lower lashes.

VegaLASH Volumizing Mascara Review

VegaLASH mascara can give you an intense color payoff and a super pigmented outcome for your both upper & lower eye lashes. If you have flat lashes this mascara will give them a lift while successfully pushing them upwards and giving you a much-needed curl.

This can be your daily go-to mascara choice, and it can definitely be a night-time solution when you are off to a party and you need a good hold.


Many beauty experts along with plenty of women who have tried out this product believe that this mascara is better and a lot more long-lasting than your typical mascara tube.

The pigment is jet-black and it gives you bold, long, and voluminous lashes, which you can enjoy from 9-5 when at the office, or during any other casual or even sporty activity. The wand can grab each lash and coat it with ease, while its special tip can reach even your corners and small individual lashes.

Natural Ingredients

You can use this mascara no matter your skin type or lash count! It is 100% safe, natural, vegan, cruelty-free, hormone-free as well as gluten-free and irritant-free.

This makes it safe even for women with sensitive eyes, skin, or those who are prone to irritations.

Thanks to red clover extract which is its natural ingredient as well as mung beans you can get your lashes properly nourished with proteins, vitamins, zinc, iron, and magnesium, which can all help your lashes appear fuller.

How To Apply It?

You should apply it like your every other typical mascara.

  • Start at the base of your lashes and use the wand horizontally by making wiggling motions upwards and out.
  • You can apply as many coats as you want and simply stop before your lashes become clumpy.
If you want to enjoy intense results, you should use the serum along with the mascara.


  • Safe to use on everyone
  • Gives jet black lashes
  • Curls, defines, and lifts
  • Can be used on upper and lower lashes
  • Vegan
  • Natural


  • Priced as some other high-end mascaras

VegaLASH Volumizing Mascara Review Verdict:​

If you need a mascara which can do wonders for your upper and lower lashes this one by VegaLash might be it. It can give you definition while successfully coating your lashes, and it is also vegan and cruelty-free! If this is your first time experimenting with high-end lash products you might want to try out this mascara since it can coat your lashes jet black, and will leave you with a curl for several hours throughout the day!

About Vegalash

All products created by VegaLash are natural and 100% vegan without added animal hormones. The brand is based in Los Angeles and has been operating since 2016. They believe that they can help every woman who is suffering from hair loss or hair thinning achieve full, fluffy and luscious brow and lash hair. Their products can help your body restore its natural lost ingredients while leaving you with visible results.

Why Purchase Their Products?

Vegamour stands for the inner beauty for all ladies, but also for strength and uniqueness. If you are unsatisfied with your current lash count you might want to consider purchasing their mascaras and lash-boosting serums.
With regular use of these products, you can expect to see a significant difference in 1-2 months, as long as you apply them twice a day (especially the lash serum). The application itself is quite easy, just make sure you are persistent.

A tube of this eyelash serum will last you for 2 months, and you should continue using it till you are fully satisfied with your eyelashes.

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