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These TheraBreath Reviews aims at finding out if these products actually works. Dealing with bad breath, teeth sensitivity, or discoloration? TheraBreath may help you since they have a massive and impressive selection of products. Read more of these TheraBreath Reviews to find out if TheraBreath is suitable for you.

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TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist...
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Can be used 2-3 times a day
TheraBreath Fresh Breath Dentist...
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Can be used every 8-12 hours
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Can be used once a day
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Can be used twice a day

What Product Should You Purchase?

The brand offers quite a lot of products which can help you out with several different teeth issues, we’ve reviewed 10 of TheraBreath products.sum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

TheraBreath Oral Rinse Mild Mint Review

If you are in need of a good mouthwash that you and everyone at your home can use this one’s it! In case you ever wondered does mouthwash work, this one by TheraBreath may finally convince you that you do need it in your bathroom cabinets. It has a minty flavor, and it does not sting your mouth at all.

Stops Bad Breath

This TheraBreath mouthwash has a lot of reviews which are claiming that it can stop & prevent bad breath-once and for all. This product has been introduced over 20 years ago and is still highly talked about and used to this day.

It has been clinically proven and tested as one of the best-selling oral hygiene treatments in America. Both men & women claim that it neutralizes sulfur-producing bacteria and gets rid of any bad odor.

Effective & Safe

Several studies have proven that this product can kill and destroy bad breath for up to 24 hours. During this time period, you won’t experience any stinging or burning sensation, which means that it can be used by anyone – even those with sensitivity. This is because the product is pH-balanced, free of any alcohol or flavors, and is also vegan.

Dentists Recommend It

You can purchase it without a prescription, and the formula is safe and effective for everyone. You can even carry it outside the house and reach for whenever you need to. It is quite powerful and effective, and it may leave the best results once compared with some other of their products. With this purchase in particular, you will get two packs of the oral rinse TheraBreath mouthwash, which will last you for a few months.

How To Use It?



Oral Rinse Mild Mint Review​ Verdict:​

If you are in need of a mouthwash this is an amazing choice by TheraBreath. It can kill any bacteria and leave your mouth with a nice breath for up to 24 hours! It does not sting your mouth and it does not damage or provoke sensitivity, and it can be used by anyone. It has a minty flavor to it and it can be a great purchase if you need a set of 2 products.

Fresh Breath Oral Rinse Icy Mint Review

If you are looking for a natural mouthwash and you want to try out TheraBreath line of products you should give this one a chance. It is super icy & minty and is used by both men & women on a daily basis.

ADA Approved

The ADA has approved all of TheraBreath products, and this one has also been on the market for over 20 years. Dentists recommend this mouthwash for halitosis, and definitely for unpleasant breath.

This certified kosher oral rinse helps with any bacteria that is in your mouth and gets rid of any food or drink odor, including heavy substances such as onions, fish etc.

TSA Approved

Once you look at some TheraBreath oral rinse reviews you will spot that a lot of them are positive. That is because they are vegan, cruelty-free, and TSA and ADA approved.

This item, as well as all the TheraBreath travel packs, are available in 3-ounce bottles and are ideal for traveling and everyday use.

American Oral Association recommends these bottles for everyone because they are gluten-free while coming in useful and affordable 6 pack packaging.

Icy Mint

This mouthwash is almost identical to the previously mentioned one, the main difference is in its active ingredient which is this cooling menthol. It is also mixed along with crisp citrus while being free of any alcohol or sulfate.

How To Use It?



Oral Rinse Icy Mint Review Verdict:

If you have stronger teeth and you don’t mind a bit ‘harsher’ products you can safely use this one. It is an effective choice which plenty of older men & women prefer since it truly does remove any unpleasant odor. It will leave you with immediate results, just make sure you are okay with its strong icy mint flavor before you make your next purchase.

TheraBreath Anti Cavity Rinse Review

If you are trying to improve your child’s hygiene and you are trying to get them to use a mouthwash you should try out your luck with this one. It will give you visible results, while they won’t say no to using it due to its pleasant aftertaste.


Not that many companies come out with mouthwashes for children. However, this one by TheraBreath is safe to use, free of any artificial colors or flavors, while being gluten-free, kosher, and vegan.

Tastes Nice

This product is packed with fluoride and xylitol which is actually a natural sweetener. It is used to produce stronger, healthier, shinier, and better-looking teeth, while reducing the formation of any cavities. The flavor is pleasant, and many kids do prefer it. It has an organic gorilla grape flavor which your child will love if they love grapes.


Because it contains no artificial dyes its formula is actually super easy to clean. In case your child accidentally spills it you will easily clean it off because it won’t stain their clothes. The product is suitable for kids who are 6 years old and above.

How to Use It?



TheraBreath Anti Cavity Rinse Review​​ Verdict:

If your child needs to improve their oral hygiene you should really purchase this mouthwash since it tastes like grapes, and it is ideal for children from 6-12 years. It doesn’t stain the clothes, and it can even be used by adults if necessary. It isn’t expensive either, just make sure you supervise your children while they use so that they don’t accidentally swallow it.

TheraBreath Soothing Oral Rinse Review

Looking for an amazing mouthwash for bad breath? This is a natural mouthwash which is filled with suitable ingredients, ideal for those who have super sensitive gums or who demand comfort. If you want to enjoy longevity and an amazing breath, you will love this product.

Super Mild

This product features ingredients such as Aloe, Chamomile, Xylitol, and Oatmeal.

In case you’ve ever experienced any sort of discomfort or irritations with your gums, you will enjoy the relief with this mouthwash.

Ideal For Everyone

If you have had a tooth whitening treatment or if you’ve been over-brushing your teeth for a while you can still freely use this mouthwash. This is also the best mouthwash for bad breath, even for people who are susceptible to sensitivity issues. Also, this mouthwash has an advanced stain sealants protection against staining and will help with any irritations.

Dentists Recommend It

In case you want to protect your teeth from external factors such as coffee or cigarettes this should be your go-to mouthwash. Dentists also recommend it after teeth whitening. This product is, as well as any other by TheraBreath, alcohol-free, vegan and kosher.

How To Use It?



Soothing Oral Rinse Review​​ Verdict:

If you want to avoid any irritations because your teeth are too sensitive this mouthwash will be your daily go-to. Men and women can use it, especially those who prefer mild components such as Chamomile etc.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Toothpaste Review

If you are on a lookout for the best toothpaste for bad breath which you’d like to pair along with the best mouthwash you should combine two of TheraBreath products. If you purchase this toothpaste it will remove any cavity while dealing with unpleasant breath.

Dentists Recommend

TheraBreath toothpaste is designed and formulated for all types of bad breath by dentists & doctors. It is highly recommended and talked about thanks to its ingredients which are not harmful, yet are effective and fighting the germs and killing them.

Fast Results

This toothpaste is mild but it can give fast results. It freshens up your breath while containing no detergents or harmful ingredients. It is also free of artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, and the company itself offers a full money refund in case you end up disliking their products.

Pleasant Flavor

This is an original toothpaste which has some citric acids and spearmint, as well as aloe leaf juice which many may find tasty and appealing as their active ingredient. This product comes with one extra tube, ideal if you need it to last for a few weeks.

How To Use It?



Fresh Breath Toothpaste Review​ Verdict:

This  toothpaste can be used by anyone on a daily basis. If you prefer its active ingredients you should get this two-pack deal. However, if this is your first time experimenting with them, rather stick with something mini & cheaper.

TheraBreath Toothpaste (Silver) Review

Ever felt like your teeth weren’t clean enough and like you’ve had cavities? If you are looking at some TheraBreath toothpaste reviews, you should start off with this one since it can give your teeth maximum strength & amazing results.


It has a lot of healthy ingredients which can help you with plaque, tartar, and cavities. Also, it has a hint of aloe vera as its active ingredient which can help you soothe your mouth.

Many dentists recommend it because it has been specifically formulated by them for people who want powerful & unique toothpaste.

Fresh Breath

Your teeth will look whiter and you will be free of bad breath for 24 hours after you use this natural toothpaste. You will enjoy the outcome because the paste is filled with green tea antioxidants, tea tree extract, aloe vera, and some peppermint.

People also prefer it over other products because it is free of any artificial flavors or colors while being vegan and kosher.


If you are having some weird tastes in your mouth such as metallic or bitterness try to mix this toothpaste along with some baking soda to get rid of this feeling. Its strong formula will get rid of any bad breath and it will neutralize acids.

How To Use It?



Fresh Toothpaste (Silver) Review Verdict:

If you are trying to neutralize any unpleasant odor and you want your teeth to look fresh & clean try out this toothpaste. It can be used by anyone, just make sure you like its peppermint flavor. Also, with your purchase you will get 2 tubes, so make sure you really like this product before investing some money into it.

TheraBreath PerioTherapy Toothpaste Review

Searching for a non-fluoride toothpaste which can deal with bad breath and reverse the effects of it? If so, try out the TheraBreath toothpaste. It is specifically designed for men & women who want to enjoy healthier teeth and gums.

Reverses Bad Breath

Say bye to bad breath by reaching for this toothpaste. It should be used along with the Perio therapy Oral Rinse if you want to enjoy healthy, bright, and shinier teeth. It is vegan and kosher, ideal if you are super picky about your toothpaste.

Destroys Bacteria

Thanks to its ingredients such as several different sodiums and zinc gluconate and extracts of leaf juice this toothpaste can destroy any germs and bacteria.

It is also free of alcohol and can be used by people who have allergies.

Dentists Recommend It

Its formula will relieve your pain while not burning, stinging, or irritating your mouth.

TheraBreath is a clinical oxygenating gum care toothpaste, and this tube which is 3.5 ounce can be your go-to purchase if you want to further experiment with their line of products.

How To Use It?

If you have unhealthy gums, you can use a smaller amount and place it directly onto your gums for 3-5 minutes, later rinse out with water.



PerioTherapy Toothpaste Review Verdict:

If you want a smaller toothpaste and you only need one tube, while you are also trying to experiment with TheraBreath products, try out this product. It is not expensive, it can be used by anyone, and it won’t sting, burn, or irritate your teeth/gums.

TheraBreath – Healthy Gums Treatment Kit Review

In case you need mouthwash for bad breath, toothpaste without fluoride, and some treatment trays you are going to love this kit. It can be used by men & women, and is actually a great deal if you want to start experimenting with TheraBreath set of products.

Helps With Gut Disease

These products will help with your gum disease, gingivitis, and any unpleasant irritations or bad breath. If you want two products by TheraBreath this kit is your ideal go-to solution.

It is formulated by dentists who know how to take care of any oral issues. These two products, once combined together, will successfully kill germs and any bacteria which is related to gingivitis.

High Quality

These products are free of any alcohol and harsh detergents, as well as artificial flavors and colors.

Both men & women prefer them because they are vegan and kosher. If you are trying to deal with annoying breath and you want immediate results, know that these two will help you out. TheraBreath products are filled with green tea, zinc, aloe vera, and tea trea oil.

How To Use It?



Healthy Gums Treatment Kit Review Verdict:

If you want to take your oral hygiene a step further try out this set of products. It can come in handy for several different issues, and it can be used by anyone. However, know that these trays can be uncomfortable, so be aware of that before you purchase them.

TheraBreath Fresh Breath Throat Spray Review

If you are someone who is on the go and you want your breath to feel good all the time you should invest your money in a throat spray. This one can destroy any germs while being super affordable.

Far Reach

You can use this throat spray and rinse out every little corner with its thanks to its handy little nozzle. Its spray is powerful and the oxygenating formula will allow you to clean your tongue and throat thoroughly. Once sprayed, you can expect to have clean breath for up to 24 hours.


This spray is made with several ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera, tea tree oil and is free of any alcohol. Also, it is vegan and certified kosher, ideal for super picky women & men. You can carry this wherever you go and simply spritz a pump or two for a fast refreshing solution. Also, its components are safe for diabetics as well.

How To Use It?



Fresh Breath Throat Spray Review Verdict:

If you can’t get the best results with your typical mouthwash or your toothpaste try to use this spray. It can kill bacteria and leave your mouth refreshed for up to 24 hours, and it is super inexpensive. You can carry it outside the house and spritz every here and there, just make sure you place it carefully each time and make sure that you fancy the flavor before you commit to a bigger purchase.

TheraBreath Lozenges Mandarin Mint Review

Last, but not least, the TheraBreath lozenges
help those with dry mouth and it comes in a huge pack of 100 products. If you need something that is not too expensive and which will last you for a while, this is it.

Moisturized Mouth

If your mouth & teeth get dry super easily try to improve their health by reaching for these lozenges. They’ve been formulated by dentists in order to soothe dry & sensitive mouth instantly. Also, these help with symptoms associated with Sjögren’s Syndrome by enhancing saliva production.


This product is sugar-free but has been sweetened with xylitol which is a natural sweetener. However, it is free of any artificial colors or flavors and is vegan.

The natural tingle which you can feel in your mouth is because these lozenges are working without making any discomfort.


The product is mixed with a pleasant citrus & mint formula which can eliminate any odor in your mouth. Also, it attacks bad breath and enhances saliva flow. It can be used by both men & women and is an ideal go-to daily solution.

How To Use It?

Eat one lozenge whenever you feel like your mouth is dry. You should reach for 3-4 a day, and these will last you for a while since you get 100 in one pack.



TheraBreath Lozenges Review Verdict:

If your breath gets stinky, your mouth gets dry, or if you simply need a refreshment you will love these lonzenges. They can come in handy during the day, and they will leave your mouth with a lot more moisture. Just make sure you like the flavor before you make your purchase.

What Is TheraBreath?

TheraBreath is a line of oral hygiene products which has been founded in 1994 in the U.S. This company is one of the biggest oral care companies in America (among top 5 of them) thanks to their amazing products selection. Both men & women prefer this line of products because they can attack the germs that cause bad breath while dealing with them in the shortest period of time. Their products don’t just mask the breath, but they wipe them away for good.

The developer Dr Harold Katz is proud & confident when it comes to these products since they’ve been effectively dealing with bad breath, taste disorders, tonsil stones, and dry mouth. In fact, Dr Harold Katz created the brand just to help his daughter conquer her own bad breath because no other set of products were working for her.

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Why Purchase Their Products?

When browsing online you get to pick among many products which is great if you are someone who demands variety. Some of them are money-saving bonus packs, as well as starter kits. If you are going to purchase their products individually, you will stumble upon mouthwashes, toothpaste, sprays & drops, gums & mints, probiotics & vitamins, teeth whitening sets, accessories, and even pet products!

This brand is all about inclusivity, oral care,and they want you & your loved one’s teeth to look great, but also your pets! People also prefer them because they don’t do any animal testing, and they are cruelty-free. The products are also gluten-free. They often offer a bottle pack which is great value. Worried about your mouthwash going bad read this article!

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