Protect Your Hair from the Sun with these 3 simple tips

Hot days are perfect for escaping to the sea, going to the pool or just spending time outdoors in the sun. And as we all know this is a significant factor when it comes to looking after your hair.

That is why you should know some tricks that will help you to have radiant hair that will allow you to complete your summer outfit. But also dont forget to watch out for your skin read this review of the best sunscreen for melasma.

First trick: Always hydrate your hair

If you go to the beach or the swimming pool, you must be aware that your hair will be in contact with saltpeter, chlorine, sea salt, wind, etc.

For this reason, to prevent it from drying out during your holidays, you must keep it hydrated throughout the day. Before going out to sea, apply a little moisturizing cream or combing cream from medium to ends. Repeat the process when you get out of the water during your rest, and then after washing it at night.

Woman in the beach

Second Trick: Wash your Hair with Cold Water

It is best to wash your hair with cold water, but we know that during cold days it is almost impossible to do so.

Therefore, during the summer, do not miss the opportunity to wash it with plenty of cold water, this will help the scalp to cool down, give a unique shine to your hair and keep it radiant during the summer.

Third Trick : Sun Protection Mask

Usually the sun and chlorine dry the hair making it dull, so it is essential that at least once a week you can perform a natural treatment to give hydration, softness, and shine. Thats why you need to protect your hair from chlorine.

This banana and honey mask is very simple to make; you only have to crush one banana and add three spoonfuls of honey, spread the mixture on your hair and let it act for 30 minutes. Then rinse with plenty of cold water.

You will see that the shine will come back and you will feel it much silkier.

You no longer have excuses for not looking radiant, try these easy tips, and you will see that during the sunny season your hair will go hand in hand with your style. Also read this article about the best way to get a healthy tan!