Pixie Bob Haircut

Thinking of getting a stylish pixie bob haircut? It is effortless, timeless, as well as easy to achieve. Here is all you need to know about this cut.

A pixie bob haircut is one of the most common go-to hairstyles by workaholic women, as well as women who love minimalistic cuts. We often see this hairdo being worn and rocked at the runway by models. The reasoning behind this? A pixie bob looks amazing on plenty of women and is a hairdo that is versatile and easy to style. Here is how to grow a pixie bob, and maintain it.

Top 5 Steps To Perfect Pixie Bob Haircut

Invest In Your Tools

When maintaining your hair and trying to boost its healthy growth, it is crucial to use the right set of products. For plenty of women, this means sulfate and paraben-free shampoos, as well as hair supplements. If you want rich & nourished strands, consider adding biotin to your everyday routine. Also, a nourishing and high-quality conditioner is a must.

Give It Time

Make sure you are patient enough. Growing out any hairdo is tricky, especially when going through that awkward phase. Always take time to readjust your cut and to customize it per your current length, and your preferred way of styling. Push through even during those bad hair days, and hide some strands with a headband, a scarf, or even a hat. The growing out process will be worth it in the end.

Find A Good Hairstylist

Finding a good hairstylist can take months, sometimes. However, look for someone who is quite active on social media, and who has good ratings on their platforms. They should have awesome before & after pictures, and you should love their style of cutting hair before you commit to a pixie bob. Take your time when browsing online, or when talking to someone in person.

Beautiful pixie cut

Find Time For Trims

Believe it or not, shorter hair will need more trims than your colored beachy wave ombre hairdo. Ideally, you should cut a pixie bob every six weeks. By doing so, you will remove any split ends, and you will maintain the length of the optimal pixie! If you end up cutting away too much (or your hairdresser does) remember that you can always settle for some hair extensions and still save your hair!


Lastly, always experiment and play around with your hair, since life is too short to commit and embrace only one cut. You can still rock the same kind of a pixie, but switch up your styling tools and products. You can rock a messy side-swept bang one day, and you can opt for some hair clips and accessories the other! Always mix & match and play around with your strands till you find the style which completely suits you. Also read how to fix your colored hair.