Maelove Review

In need of a skin brightening solution? Women love when their skin glows & looks radiant. This serum by Maelove may be exactly what you need.

Plenty of women make a mistake by purchasing an essence or a toner, thinking that it can do what a serum can. Spoiler dear: serum is on a whole other level than your other skincare products.

A brightening serum for face is often used by women who have a dull appearance, wrinkles, fine lines, as well as hyperpigmentation. Serums aren’t a go-to by younger women but are a must-have if you are in your thirties.

Eager to know if the Maelove skin lightening serum is for you? Keep on reading and find out everything about this product, as well as the brands itself.

Who Is Maelove & All About Maelove

Maelvoe believes that women have been given the wrong information about skincare & their regimen. Maelove believes that skincare should be simple, effective, and straight-to-point.

A team of MIT graduates founded this company. Their whole brand was made with proper care and by chemical engineers, brain and cancer researchers, as well as skincare fanatics.

Jackie Kim founded the brand and wanted to sell all of their products under $30. Their Glow Maker serum has been out of stock for five times now and is a staple piece from the brand.

This brand reviewed & compared over three million skincare products online. By doing so, they’ve ended up realizing what is it that their consumers would want & need in their everyday lives. On their website, you can find mostly oils, creams, SPF, eye creams, cleansers, as well as body shaving creams. However, the star of this article is their Maelove serum.

Maelove Glow Maker Review

Hydration In A Bottle

This is an antioxidant serum that has been in the making process for years. Maelove glow maker can give you a hydrated & brighter complexion with ease. It has many different & nourishing ingredients that will leave your skin feeling hydrated while looking radiant.

This one was made in the USA and has been approved by MIT engineers, as well as dermatologists. It is a non-comedogenic product that won’t irritate your face but will leave you looking shiny & healthy.

Amazing Ingredients

This serum has a lot of antioxidants and is even safe to use on sensitive skin types. 

It is free from any parabens, chemical irritants, synthetic dyes, as well as fragrances. This serum has water as its active ingredient, a lot of leaf juice, aloe vera, grape seed extracts, glycerin, as well as ascorbic acid. It has a high concentration of vitamin C (15% L-ascorbic acid), E and Ferulic acid, and, most importantly – hyaluronic acid for longer hydration.

Sleek Packaging

Maelove the glow maker comes in a glass bottle and has a handy little dropper. You can see how much of the product you’ve used since the bottle is crystal clear. However, vitamin C that is in it can easily oxidize over time. This means that it may change its color once it turns to slightly yellow or dark brown. This is why you should go through the entire bottle before it expires. Overall the packaging is travel-friendly and will suit you in your everyday activities for sure.

How To Apply It?

You may experience & notice a slight scent of grape seed oil, but it shouldn’t be something that bothers you. You can apply your trusted SPF on top, as well as your foundation, powders etc. This product should only be used in the morning. You can expect this bottle to last you for 3-4 months.



Maelove Glow Maker Review Verdict:

Do you feel like you need a serum that can do wonders for dry & dehydrated skin types? Are you someone who is prone to hyperpigmentation and fine lines? This product will do wonders for any skin type, but you shouldn’t use it if you are super sensitive or if you have allergies.

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