Take Care of Your Dyed Hair – Simple tips

Hydration 24/7!

Keeping your hair hydrated all the time will allow it to look healthier and not mistreated by the dyes and ironing irons for sure. That’s why it is a good idea to wash it twice a week at the most; we also do not want you to dry your scalp. 

If you plan to wash your hair during the week, you can schedule the wash for the morning, as well as the night of the previous day; you apply either coconut or argan oil. Sleep with the hair inside a thermal cap with the oil of your choice, and then wash it the next morning as usual. If you dont want this problem read this mofajang review.

Then, for your second wash, which is usually during the weekend, you no longer need to hydrate it so far in advance, with an ampoule of keratin or shine after the wash is enough. So when you dry it and iron, it will be soft and shiny.

Woman bathing

Best Way to Wash Colored Hair

Under the same topic about washing, it is essential that you know that no matter how hot it gets, you should not wash your hair as often as twice a week at the most. 

It is vital that the scalp is nourished by the natural oil that comes out of your hair.

That is why when you wash your hair, you should put up with little cold water, as hot water usually dries out the hair. And the shampoo should be the right one according to the shade of your hair, or if you have tufts; you should consult a professional to tell you what type of shampoo to use.

Dont heat your colored hair too much

You may give your friend a lot of ironing, which is fine if you always want to keep your hair presentable, but as well as maximum hydration you should iron your hair entirely twice a week.

Do not damage it by making extreme passes before each outing. Besides, what you will achieve is that it does not look natural, you will destroy it a lot.

Therefore, when you iron and color your hair, do not put it at the highest temperature, but at the average temperature. Your hair will also be straight and not exposed to high temperatures. Read more about how to color your hair and how to get a pixie bob haircut.