How To Revive Mascara

Don’t feel like spending X amount of dollars on your new mascara? How about you revive your mascara with these three basic tips? Also read these vegalash reviews about one of the best mascara products out there.

Every woman loves to wear mascara! However, sometimes we end up splurging on a high-end pair whos price point we can’t justify. The worst part? Seeing that mascara dry down and stop working in a month! Repurchasing a new pair is unfortunate, especially if you are on a budget. This is why you should look into some remedies and solutions! So, if you want to revive your mascara and bring it back to life, follow these 3 easy steps!


Warm It Up

If your makeup dries down, you can warm it up. You should use high heat over your liquid makeup – this applies to foundation, highlighters, mascaras, as well as cream blushes and contours. What to do and how to do it? Place your dried out product in a pot filled with warm water or boiling water. Let the product sit in the water for 5 minutes. Make sure the lid is tightly sealed and closed so that water doesn’t get it. Once you open it up you will have a jet black liquid mascara!

Use Oil

Just two drops of Argan or jojoba oil will bring back your mascara to life. Make sure you shake the mascara well so that the product can spread out evenly through the entire bottle. Give it 5-10 minutes to truly saturate the bottle, and give it 30 minutes to solidify before you put it on your eyes. Make sure you use oils that are not too thick in texture, and rather stick to a watery kind. This way, you will get more pigmentation, as well as a dark jet matte black outcome.

Use A Contact Lens Solution

Use a saline contact lens solution to bring your mascara to life. This product is very inexpensive and you can find it at your drugstore or pharmacy. Add two drops of this into your mascara and let the product spread out in the tube. Wiggle the wand around the tube to check the product. Remember, it is always way easier to add more if it is needed. But you can’t take away the product, and you don’t want your mascara to end up being too runny, right? If your eyes are sensitive purchase a solution that your pharmacists recommend.

Pink mascara

So, before you get yourself a new mascara – double think it, and double-check it. Why spend $10+ when you can DIY your own solution, at home? These tricks can work on mascaras that are up to 8 months old! Anything older than this is pretty much expired, and you should toss it away. However, no reason to purchase a mascara sooner. First, try out these three tips, and thank us later!

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