How To Remove Impress Nails

Thinking of doing quick & easy press-on nails instead of time-consuming and expensive acrylics? Say bye-bye to gel nails and welcome impress!

Not that many women love to use typical nail polishes nowadays. This is why women spend over $30 per month on their nails. Usually, gel polish ranges from $20-30, while acrylic nails can be priced up to $60! Let’s not forget that going from your home and back to the salon can be very time-consuming. So, if you want to save time, patience & money, you will enjoy press-on nails! More so, you will love impress nails.

What Are Impress Nails?

Impress nails are semi-natural looking nails that are made with resin materials, which makes them pretty flexible. Women love them since they are easy to do, maintain, as well as achieve on your own. Impress nails can stay on even if you’re washing the dishes, doing your hair, or taking a shower. They are a beautiful substitute for any artificial nail option, as well as an inexpensive solution.

Impress Press On Nails Review

How Are They Applied?

The nails are already pre-made and pre-cut to your preferred length. When shopping for your ideal style, make sure you choose something that suits your preference. In fact, you will be left with these nails for 7-10 days. Impress nails have a patented adhesive where the top layer adheres with ease to the bottom layer of your natural nails. Luckily for you, you will get over 20 nails with your purchase, meaning that you can re-use them if one of your nails falls off and unglues on its own!

How To Remove Impress Nails?

You should never forcefully remove your nails and your manicure. If you’ve had these nails for way too long, try and remove them with light pressure. Peel them off from one side to the other to remove them. If they are stuck, you can use acetone to remove the rounded edges. Use the acetone for 1 minute and then peel off. In case the nail is still stubborn, use a wooden stick to lift up the manicure from one side to another. Always start at the bottom of your nail, and never with the tip.

How To Choose A Press-On Manicure - Impress Press-On Nails Review

As you probably know it by now, your nails should be free of any product. The cleaner the surface, the easier the application, as well as the removal process. Your impress nails will be easy to apply, as well as to remove as long as you’ve worked on a clean surface.

Will Impress Nails Damage Natural Nails?

Luckily for you, impress nails come in 12 sizes, while the kit is filled with 30 different kinds. All of these should suit your natural nails, as well as your natural nail length. While applying these on your natural nails, try and be gentle as well as precise. The impress way is very easy and simple, as well as completely safe and chemical-free. This also applies to the removal process since there are no monomers, liquids, powders, acrylics, or artificial glues.