Avoid Bed Head! Why Should We Dry Our Hair Before We Go to Bed?

There are exhausting days that we leave the shower just before bed. Going to bed relaxed after the bath is a real charm.

We do not want to dry our hair, especially during the cold days. However, we missed a that significant step. Not drying can be detrimental to the health of our hair. Need a good shampoo read this kirkland shampoo review!

Why do we recommend that you do not sleep with wet hair?

Dry your hair before sleeping
  • Hair breakage: weakening and breaking of the hair fiber due to humidity
  • Itching: the concentrated humidity of the hair will cause it to inflame the scalp causing burning and itching
  • Appearance of dandruff
  • Tangled hair: wet hair tends to tangles more easily, causing hair to fall out when untangled.