How to Achieve a Healthy Tan – 8 Ways to get it

Is there such a thing as a Healthy Tan?

There sure is, and we would like to introduce you to these eight simple steps on how to achieve a glowing, healthy tan.

Skin Exfoliation

Cleanse your skin three or four days of sun exposure from all impurities and dead cells. This step is key to a healthier, more even tan while taking care of your skin and promoting the action of its natural moisturizers. If you are afraid of melasma read this best sunscreen for melasma guide.

Food for Tanning

Yes, some foods enhance pigmentation and activate melanin so that they become a great help to promote the longed-for uniform brown.

How to Keep Skin Hydrated While Tanning

It is essential for a healthy tan: drink plenty of water, stay hydrated inside and out. To do so on the outside, apply aftersun and moisturizer regularly.

4. Respect the hours

First hours of the morning and last hours of the afternoon are the most recommended to expose you to the sun. Avoid doing it during the midday. And if you have to do it, try to look for some shade in which you can shelter most of the time.

Hydration is important

If there are no shadows, or you have to move around, wear a hat, cap, or some other accessory to help cover yourself a little.

Sunbathe with awareness

It’s not about lying in the sun all day. Take care of yourself and your skin, and dont forget to protect your hair from the sun. Don’t subject it to that damage indiscriminately. You will see the consequences. 


So dermatologists say, sunscreen is the number one cosmetic. The recommendation is to use it every day, especially on the face, which is an exposed area. But when it comes to getting a healthy tan, sunscreen is also your main ally. No tanning agents or products that dehydrate your skin without protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.

Sun Protective capsules

There are also sunscreen capsules to help you get a healthier tan. If it’s among your possibilities, why not?

Tanning in a healthy way

It helps defend against the free radicals that lead to premature skin aging. It is optimal for holidays or during periods of sun exposure and offers powerful antioxidant protection.

After-Sun Products

After exposure to the sun, moisturize the skin thoroughly. Cold post-solar masks are perfect for soothing, balancing and decongesting the skin after sunbathing. And to enhance your tan, use specific after-sun products. They must be rich in antioxidants and provide luminosity.