How To Fix Dry Mascara

Not too sure what to do with your old or dried out mascara? Wondering how to fix a dry mascara quick and easy? Here are the top 4 ways to do that!

Not feeling like re-purchasing a new mascara any time soon? Luckily for you, there are some ways and methods that will transform your mascara into a good as new and a clump-free product!

Why does mascara dry up in the first place?

Well, mascaras have a specific life span of 3-6 months. They are, actually, a makeup item that you should be repurchasing quite often. Our mascaras tend to dry up pretty fast due to the extreme amount of air that we push into the product by dipping the brush into the tube back and forth. Try and prevent this from happening by doing only swiping or swirling motions in the future.

Meanwhile, here are the top 4 ways to bring back your dried out mascara to life at home, quick & easy!

Use eye drops

Eye drops have a lot of water in them, which will bring back moisture to your tube. Add 3-4 drops (if you have any eye drops with you) and shake your mascara while also twirling the wand while it is still in the tube. If you have sensitive eyes, you can use anti-bacterial eye drops.

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is pretty much good for anything & everything for your body, hair & health. If you have it laying around you can use it even in your mascara tube. It is moisturizing, refreshing, as well as cooling. Pour a tiny amount into the tube and shake your mascara for 30 seconds straight. Use the mascara 30 minutes later once the solution spreads evenly.

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Eye mascara

Use a Contact Lens Solution

Are you a contact lens wearer? Or maybe someone else in your family is? If so, your lenses can fix a clumpy mascara residue, and up to 10 drops will do the magic! Make sure you give it enough time to set before you mix it around, or use on your eyes. Swirl the wand around the entire tube to get an even coat of product.

Use Hot Water

If you don’t have any of the previously mentioned items, stick with some boiling water. Let your water heat up for 5-10 minutes (or till it boils up). Make sure you precisely pour it in a cup. Put your mascara tube in the cup while the lid side is up and open. Leave the product like so for 5-10 minutes. Now, close the lid super tight and shake the product. Boiling water on the outside will let the product spread and regain its runny texture.