How To Do Gel Nails

Wondering how to do gel nails on your own and at home? You can skip the salon visitation, save some money, and do it on your own in just 6 steps!

Gel manicures are the best long-lasting nails for women who don’t want artificial nails. A gel manicure usually suits workaholic women, but also teens who want to rock shorter nails. Wondering how to do gel nails on your own and at home? Keep on reading and find out!

How To Do Gel Manicure In 6 Steps

Work With A Clean Base

Clean your nails with an acetone-free polish remover. Make sure you wash your hands several times and don’t forget to cut your cuticles and remove any excess skin. You should also cut your nails if they are too long, and don’t forget to work slow and steady, as well as precise.

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Buff The Surface

Use a small nail buffer or even a nail file to clean up the surface, but to also remove the unwanted residue. Buff the nail in one direction only to remove any unwanted color as well as dead skin cells. You should repurchase these buffers every month or so since they tend to dry out and collect dust and bacteria.

Use A High-Quality Gel Polish

A gel nail polish can be purchased in any drugstore. However, make sure you work with high quality and a highly rated polish brand since these will give you the best results. Apply one layer of gel on all ten of your nails. For best results, you will need two layers. Use a flat synthetic brush to place down the product.

Cure Under A UV Lamp

You will need to purchase or own a UV lamp to achieve the perfect manicure. You will place your nails in it for 2-3 minutes for your gel to harden. Repeat this step for both layers, and make sure the polish is dry before you proceed further.

Finish Off With A Colored Polish

Shape With A Nail File

If the gel is too thick, thin it out with your nail file. You should use a high-quality nail file to get your desired shape and to get all of your nails to their ideal length. Make sure all nails are even as well as shaped the same way. Don’t do back and forth filing motions since these can break your nail. Instead, only do the movement by doing upward filing motions.

Finish Off With A Colored Polish

What color is your favorite? Or what color is the most popular during this current season? If you’ve used clear gel polish, you will be able to place down any nail polish color you like. Two coats will do the magic!
However, if you were working with colored gel polish, you would only set the manicure with a clear finishing coat (as you do with every manicure).