5 Trendy Hairstyles to Show Off Earrings

If you love to wear extra-large, eye-catching earrings, these hairstyles are for you!

When looking at the images of the international Street Style and the celebrities in the Red Carpets, we notice that several women choose their looks according to the earrings they are going to wear. There are several options to imitate that look both hair and earrings. Check out these styles!

Wet Look

It is an alternative trendy to give place to the earrings. Simulate the wet effect by applying gel, and with a fixation spray as the finishing touch. It will help the earrings not get hooked or hidden behind the front strands of the hair.


A trend that is very much taken nowadays is to mix luxury and sloppiness. If you choose super eye-catching earrings, it is a good idea to deconstruct with a low messy bow. It will create a balance between the relaxed hairstyle and the sophisticated earrings. A tip? Leave several hairs loose to better achieve this disheveled effect.


It is important to straighten the hair a little and hold the front strands behind the ears and under the rest of the mane. It will give prominence to the earrings, and the sense of symmetry will make them stand out.

Hairstyle for your earrings


Accompany the earrings with a super-strap bow tie will highlight them in all their fullness. It will make the piece you have chosen to wear the center of attention and is also an ideal style for refining the face.


Another fashion option is to wear a single earring. So, if you separate the hair to one side and place the jewelry on the side where the hair is behind the ear, it will be easily distinguished. Create some broken waves for a very cool messy effect.

We hope you like these options and try them out!

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