Does Mouthwash Expire?

Plenty of people probably have a mouthwash in their bathroom cabinets (and if you don’t, you should). It kills bacteria, gives you fresh breath, and gets rid of any germs! Also, it is super inexpensive and great for any age group, as well as both genders. However, have you ever wondered how long will it take for your mouthwash to expire? If so, keep on reading and find out a bit more! Dont know what mouthwash to buy read these therabreath reviews.

Will Your Mouthwash Expire?

Unfortunately, yes, all mouthwashes have a significant expiration date. Usually, it will take two years for your mouthwash to expire from the date of its manufacture. If you end up using an expired mouthwash you shouldn’t worry too much. It can’t have an impact on your body, but it can affect your oral health. When purchasing a mouthwash, make sure it has a date printed out and labeled on the bottle. This is a sign of proper manufacture, and it tells you that the brand owner truly cares about your oral health, and your dental hygiene.

Does Mouthwash Contain Alcohol?

Most mouthwashes are alcohol-based, but they don’t have to be. However, alcohol (technically and most specifically ethanol) can kill germs and bacteria. This helps with a plaque as well as gingivitis. Usually, a mouthwash that contains alcohol will last you a bit longer – probably around three years after the manufacture.

Does Your Mouthwash Contain Antimicrobials?

If your mouthwash does not have alcohol, it probably has antimicrobials. These will preserve the product as well and can help with oral hygiene. However, any antimicrobial ingredients can dissolve and break down a lot faster because they have a higher amount of water.

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Are Natural Mouthwashes Effective?

Are you someone who prefers all-natural products? If so, there are also some natural mouthwashes that you can use and find in stores and online. All-natural products contain no preservatives (which is good). If you are purchasing natural products, aim for paraben, sulfate, and preservative-free kinds. However, know that these mouthwashes can’t last longer than one year, but they are a lot more mild and gentle for your dental health and your gums.

What Will Happen If I End Up Using An Outdated Mouthwash?

You will notice that your mouthwash has expired once you take a look at its consistency. Any expired mouthwash will change its color, will have a thicker consistency, and will smell a bit unpleasant. If you still end up using it – you will add even more bacteria directly into your mouth, so why use an expired product? It can do more damage than goods to your dental health, as well as your gums. Keep this in mind before thinking of using an expired mouthwash, and rather repurchase it once you’re at the store.