Does Deodorant Expire?

You know that feeling when early in the morning you are running out the door and being late to work? Plenty of people have a hard time finding matching socks, as well as applying deodorant. If all of a sudden you run into an old stick (which may seem like an expired deodorant), would you really want to use it? Men & women should know the pros and cons of using an expired deodorant. Also, you should know if your deodorant can truly expire in the first place! Keep on reading and figure out the answers to your most-asked questions.

Will My Deodorant Expire?

If you purchase a deodorant at your drugstore, know that you will have up to 3 years of solid and ”proper” use. Most deodorants will have their expiration date placed on the top of the label. However, for best results – you should replace your deodorant every six or twelve months. Also, it usually takes both men & women up to three months to go through an entire gel-stick, deodorant, roll-on, or antiperspirant deodorant.

Can You Tell If Your Deodorant Expires?

Does your deodorant contain antiperspirants? If so, these are considered as over-the-counter drugs (according to FDA), because they can control your sweat levels.

Well, antiperspirants can be used even after they expire. This is because they are of higher quality than other natural deodorants, as well as fruit or plant-based ones. However, make sure you always double-check if:

Woman putting on deodorant

Most importantly – is your skin itchy, red, or irritated? If so, all of these are signs of an expired deodorant which may bother you. If you notice some of these symptoms, rather toss it; better safe than sorry.

How To Properly Store Deodorant?

Proper storing of your deodorant can help with its lifespan. How? Well, by storing your deodorant in a cool place, you can easily extend its shelf life. Try to keep your deodorant at a room temperature that is not hotter than 77°F. If you are someone who travels with your deodorant – keep it in your gym locker or your car.

What If Your Deodorant Expires

What If Your Deodorant Expires & How To Apply Deodorant The Right Way?

Use your deodorant properly each day & keep an eye out for its consistency, as well as texture. By doing so you will easily replace it once it expires, or once it goes rotten. However, know that there are no any long-lasting or immediate effects of using an expired deodorant, just possible irritation.

Application-wise, always apply your deodorant to your dry, cleansed & clean skin. It will do its magic the best on shaved skin (so heads up), and reapply it every 4-5 hours if needed. 

This applies to those who work out, or who sweat like crazy – especially in the summertime. Make sure your purchased deodorant suits your skin type, and that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients.