Dermawand Side Effects

DermaWand is an often go-to choice for a quick facelift for women worldwide. However, does Dermawand cause any side effects? Find out a bit more, now!

If you’ve ever used DermaWand before, you probably know that it is a tool that visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Not only that, but it also helps with saggy skin, puffy eyes, and it reduces enlarged pores and uneven texture. Women love it since it helps them get that brighter and radiant complexion, as well as a rested look.

Plenty of experts say that it takes up to 12 weeks to spot a significant difference. You should use the device for 2-3 minutes per day to spot these results.

Dermawand Set

How Does DermaWand Work Exactly?

Thanks to its thermal energy, your skin cells will deliver and push the dermal areas under your skin while increasing your body temperature. The tool will infuse your skin with oxygen which will visibly reduce the size of your pores. Thanks to its 100,000 cycles per second, your skin will experience a pumping and a massaging effect on top which will bring you fresh blood, as well as a rested and youthful look.

Are There Any Side Effects To DermaWand?

Plenty of women are scared to use DermaWand on their own since they are unaware of any complications or side-effects. Whenever doing a newer type of treatment, or incorporating a product which you’ve never used before, it is always good to talk with your doctor or your skincare specialist.

So, What are The Side Effects of DermaWand?

Dermawand before and after

Aside from this, you should be aware that it can take quite some time for you to spot the results. Some women can have immediate results (after 3-4 sessions), while others will need to spend 12+ weeks playing around with DermaWand. If you are someone who wants results quick & overnight, you may be unsatisfied with DermaWand.

Is DermaWand For You?

You can ignore these side-effects and enjoy amazing results if you have normal, tougher, and thicker skin. Women who don’t get easily irritated can use DermaWand on a daily. Those with larger pores, acne-prone or sensitive skin, however, should think twice before they commit to purchasing this item. Also read this article about the best blackhead remover tool.