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Some people are reluctant to try electrolysis hair removal on salons. The reasons might be because of pain or they are not just comfortable receiving treatment on their private parts. 

If you’re one of them, this article is exactly for you. This review will change your idea about electrolysis hair removal because you could actually have one for home use and in a less painful way to no pain at all!

The following are some electrolysis hair removal products you could have for home use.

Verseo eGlide Home Electrolysis...
Clean & Easy One Touch Electrolysis...
Clean and Easy Deluxe Home...
Clean + Easy Deluxe Electrolysis...
Our Rating:
Kit Includes:
Roller, stencil, marker, tweezers, gel, pouch, batteries
6 pieces stylet tips
Electrolysis kit, stylet, tweezers
Electrolysis kit, stylet, tweezers
Editor's Choice
Verseo eGlide Home Electrolysis...
Our Rating:
Kit Includes:
Roller, stencil, marker, tweezers, gel, pouch, batteries
Clean & Easy One Touch Electrolysis...
Our Rating:
Kit Includes:
6 pieces stylet tips
Clean and Easy Deluxe Home...
Our Rating:
Kit Includes:
Electrolysis kit, stylet, tweezers
Clean + Easy Deluxe Electrolysis...
Our Rating:
Kit Includes:
Electrolysis kit, stylet, tweezers

Best Home Electrolysis Kit Review

Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller Review

Aside from Clean and Easy, another trusted brand that offers home electrolysis kit is Verseo. Verseo eGlide Home Electrolysis roller uses galvanic current technology for hair removal.

The kit includes an eGlide roller, conductive gel, skin marker crayon, stencil kit, tweezers, a pair of batteries, and a travel pouch.

How Verseo eGlide Electrolysis Roller Works

The eGlide is the first roller electrolysis hair removal system. The roller has dual mode settings for the face and the body. This electrolysis eGlider gently removes hair without causing pain. The galvanic energy being emitted works together with the gel applied on the surface and target the dermal papilla of the hair shaft.

As a result, the hair root is deactivated and eventually stops growing. Verseo eGlide works with any parts of the body where unwanted hairs are present. These areas are the face, arms, underarms, bikini, and legs. This device is a good choice to get rid of those embarrassing hairs permanently.

How to Use Verseo eGlider Electrolysis Roller

Simply load in your 2 AAA batteries in your eGlide roller. Press the right button to turn the device on. In order to select modes, press the left button and it activates the mode.

The light indicator also shows what mode you have just selected. The green indicator prompts you that the roller has contacted the skin with the gel. Apply the conductive gel on the skin surface you are about to treat. Then, simply glide the roller on your skin. This is the start of your painless and needle-less experience with eGlide.

To know if the roller device is suitable for your skin type, you may try on a small area on your neck. Apply a small amount of gel and glide the roller back and forth after choosing the face mode. Hold the device on both sides touching the metal plates. 

You will hear 3 beeps after 90 seconds, which shows the end of the treatment. Observe your skin if it develops any negative reactions. If none, you may proceed on treating other body parts.

After every session with eGlide, use the tweezers to pull out the treated hair following the hair growth pattern.

Facial Areas

For treating the facial areas, the electrolysis roller device offers 90-second treatment. This period is divided into 3 20-second cycles with 10-minute rest time between each cycle.


  • Thoroughly clean the skin removing dirt and oil before using eGlide. Make sure skin is dry before applying the conductive gel.
  • It’s ideal to use eGlide when hair is visible on the skin.
  • Two 90-second treatment cycles are enough. Don’t exceed this recommended procedure.
  • It’s not advisable to repeat treating the same area more than 5 times per week.
Body Areas

Apply conductive gel on your body area. Then, turn on eGlide and choose the body mode. This mode enables 11-minute treatment time. It is divided into two 5-minute cycles with 1 minute rest time between the cycles.

You will hear two beeps and the green LED lights up showing that the skin contact is successful. If the eGlide loses contact with the skin, the device automatically shuts off. If it happens, just turn the device on.

When treating the bikini areas, apply the gel on an 8-inch long and 1-inch wide skin area to match the roller measurements and to limit the area in contact in this sensitive body part.

You may use the silicon stencil and the crayon marker to treat your legs.

Simply attach the stencil on the area you are going to treat and draw a line around the inside of the stencil. Apply the gel on the marked area and begin the treatment.


  • One 11-minute cycle a day for the same area is enough for the body.
  • You may treat the same area 6 days a week. One day is rest day.

What I Like

I like eGlide because it ensures no pain, unlike waxing and needle electrolysis. The electrolysis device is also easy to use with dual modes, one for treating the facial areas and the other for the body. It has specific instructions to care for different parts of the body.

It is great to use even in large areas of the body like arms and legs. It also has a built-in timer to prompt the user when the treatment has ended.

It is a complete home electrolysis kit for me with a lot of other useful accessories to benefit from. The device is not only designed for women but also for men.

What I Don’t Like

Because the roller is quite wide, it may not be suitable for small and hard-to-reach areas of the face and the body. For example, if you want to remove hair from your eyebrows or the upper lip area, the roller may not get good skin contact. The result may also be inaccurate. So, I think you cannot use eGlide in all parts of the body. Sometimes you need needle electrolysis for precision.


  • Complete electrolysis roller kit
  • Timer and LED indicator features
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not suitable for eyebrows and other tiny areas

Clean and Easy Deluxe Electrolysis Review

Clean and Easy offers a simple yet effectively-working kit for electrolysis. The device is compact with an electrolysis pen and tweezers for hair removal. It has up to level 10 control settings for adjusting the electricity output. If you are a beginner, you may start at lower levels.

The device is battery-operated, which makes it easier for you to take everywhere. You only need a 9V battery to keep your device working. The stylet tip is retractable, so don’t worry about being pinched.

How to Use Deluxe Electrolysis

This Deluxe Electrolysis kit is a gentle and safe way to get rid of stubborn and unwanted hair in your body. In order to master the technique of removing your own hair at home, you have to learn how to use this device properly. Remember, you have to be patient all the time.

Clean the skin area thoroughly before doing electrolysis. It’s ideal to cleanse or exfoliate the skin removing dirt, oil, and makeup. This process also makes sure that hairs are revealed for easier treatment.

Others try shaving 3 days before electrolysis, but not right before the treatment. The hair length should be long enough in order to be plucked out using the tweezers.

To begin, adjust the electricity level and hold the electrolysis pen on the metal holder right in the middle. Adjust the length of the needle and insert the stylet in the hair follicle. Once it reaches the hair follicle, the device emits the current in 5 seconds.

Consequently, let the stylet stay for another 15 seconds before removing the hair using the tweezers. The electric current targets the hair roots and disables them to regrow.

You would know if you did it correctly once the hairs are easily plucked out from the roots. If they don’t, you may try again. You only have two tries for each hair strand.

The recommended electrolysis session is about 10 to 20 hairs only per treatment. That’s why it is more ideal for only small body parts such as eyebrows, upper lips, chin, hands, feet, and bikini areas.

What I Like

I like this Deluxe electrolysis because the result is longer than waxing or epilation. Why spend money going to salons if you could actually do it privately at home? With comfortable controls, you could treat yourself at your own pace and effort. The device emits very little electricity which gives you more confidence. The kit is portable, so you could perform electrolysis at your convenient time.

What I Don’t Like

I think one of the drawbacks of doing electrolysis at home is the lack of professional help. Well, of course, you will do your best in following the instructions and buyer’s guides you might read online, but it’s always a different story when you receive it professionally. There is the risk of hurting your skin causing redness and swelling due to incorrect usage.

Let’s say you could do it perfectly, well that sounds great. However, it really takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to get the job done the right way, especially if you are working on hard-to-be-seen areas. In this case, you may need someone to do it for you.

Another thing to consider is the time you are going to spend for each session. As a beginner, you have to expect that it’s going to be really time-consuming. But it’s worth the determination if you did it right!

If you are working on more hairs or wider skin areas, you may need more than one session. That’s why this Deluxe electrolysis is more ideal for small areas only.


  • Permanent hair removal
  • Saves money
  • Home use


  • Might be complicated at first
  • Painful if done incorrectly
  • For small areas only
  • Takes time and patience

Clean + Easy Deluxe Electrolysis (For Coarse Hair) Review

Most women are disgusted with the idea of having embarrassing long body hair especially, in the armpit and legs. While some have finer and shavable body hair, others have coarse and thick.

Clean and Easy has designed an electrolysis tool for coarse hair.

It’s time to put an end to waxing and shaving.

This electrolysis kit contains the right stylet and tweezers to remove unwanted hair.

How To Use Deluxe Electrolysis For Coarse Hair

Before you begin your treatment you have to learn the proper way and timing of hair removal. You also have to get used to your tools. The stylet, which is the pen-like tool with a fine needle in it is your electrolysis device.

It emits galvanic current and is the only method of hair removal with lasting results. It is much better than laser hair treatment and waxing. This permanence is very economical and time-saving.

When performing your own electrolysis, you must consider the hair growth of different body areas you are about to treat.

It is recommended to shave around 3 days before you do electrolysis. The reason lies on the growth condition of the hair. During the regrowth, the hair roots are at an active phase. This is the perfect time to kill them.

After a few days of shaving, the hairs start to grow darker and thicker. These adult hairs are also called “terminal hairs”. On this stage, electrolysis has to be performed. The holes where the hairs grow are quite bigger making it easy for the needle to be penetrated into.

Coarser hairs are more common in the pubic areas, armpits, men’s chest, and face.

However, once the electricity from the stylet is transferred to the hair root, the hair becomes vulnerable and eventually refrains from growing and dies. In other words, electrolysis is a process of killing the hair roots, which prevents them from coming back.

Once the needle is inserted in the hair hole, you may need to wait 15 seconds to allow the current to target the roots. You could feel a tingling sensation during this time, but it’s just bearable. Sometimes, the treatment time also depends on the hair, how coarse it is, and where it is located. Consider these factors and you could eventually get used to using the tools. Additionally, you could adjust the levels of the device according to your preference.

If the process works, the hair pulls easily. If it doesn’t, it means the hair is not dead yet. You may try once again, and if still unsuccessful, you need to wait to try again next time.

Coarser hairs are really challenging to remove. It requires precision and patience

What I Like

I like this kit because it’s for coarser hair. That means it could be used for men too. Well, it is undeniable that men have coarser hair than women and some of them are seeking a permanent solution to get rid of their unwanted hair.

The areas where this Deluxe Electrolysis is more ideal for are the chest, chin, and mustache.

It has adjustable controls to fit the hair areas. It is gentle and effective.

What I Don’t Like

If you are not patient, this tool is not for you. If you are not confident enough, just don’t do it. Just give it to the professionals.

Practice makes perfect using this Deluxe Electrolysis. So, you could expect to hurt yourself for a couple of tries.


  • For coarse hair
  • Suitable for men
  • Adjustable controls


  • Lack of experience might cause more pain.
  • It won’t be effective for vellus hairs.

Clean & Easy Electrolysis Stylet Tips Review

If you need to buy a stylet tip, you could consider this item. This product contains 3 packs of Clean and Easy Electrolysis stylet tips with 2 pieces in each pack.

When to Replace Electrolyis Stylet Tips

After several uses, you may need to replace your stylet tips. If your Clean and Easy deluxe electrolysis kit comes with an extra needle, then that’s good.

It’s hygienic to replace your needles from time to time. Remember, the needle is inserted in your hair hole, so the time comes that it gets quite dull or dirty.

Although you clean it before and after treatment, it still gets old or damaged. This is also one way to avoid irritation due to needle-skin contact.

If it’s bent, you can fix it with the tweezers. Be careful though, needles are quite fragile. However, if you think it’s not a good idea to just fix a bent needle, you can replace it with a new one from your stocks. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a purchased replacement with you so you could do the replacement when it’s needed.

For you not to keep replacing it too often as it takes a lot of money, you have to be extra careful inserting and pulling the needle out of your skin. It’s retractable, so make sure to adjust the needle inside before taking the electrolysis pen back to its case.

How to Replace a Stylet Tip

It’s easy to replace a stylet tip. All you have to do is twist the mid-part of your electrolysis pen to open. You will see the old needle inside. Carefully remove it and replace with a new one. Twist back the pen to close and check if the needle is working well.

To check if the current goes out of the new needle, simply adjust the setting and point the needle to the metal plate on the electrolysis unit. If you hear a beep, it means it works.

What I Like

This product is ready to use. It contains 6 new stylet tips you could use any time you need a replacement.

Electrolysis replacement tips

What I don’t Like

Replacement stylet tips are fragile. Extra care is required during replacement and when you are undertaking the procedures.


  • 6 ready-to-use preplacement needles
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to replace


  • Needles are fragile
  • Damaged stylet tips won’t conduct electricity

What is Electrolysis

Electrolysis is a technique of removing hair from the body using a minimal amount of electric current or heat. This galvanic current targets the active hair roots and kills them to disable regrowth.

One example is using a stylet or a needle in an electrolysis pen where the hair roots are targeted to disable regrowth. The hairs are pulled out using the tweezers.

This hair removal method takes a lot of patience and effort to be performed successfully. That’s why this kind of electrolysis is ideal for treating smaller areas only such as eyebrows, chin, and face. 

Although electrolysis takes some time to perfect, the effect is long-lasting. It also saves you a lot of money going to pricey salons to receive the same treatment.

Another kind of electrolysis is in the form of a roller. It is recommended for the wider areas of the face and the body.

Continue reading and try to understand how these techniques can help you achieve hairless skin permanently.

Final Verdict

If you are committed to getting rid of your unpleasant hair, flawless skin is achievable. The products you have just read could help you do so. Or read this review about depilatory cream.

There are two Clean and Easy Deluxe Electrolysis you could choose from. One of which is for coarse hair. The third product is Verseo eGlide Home Electrolysis.

The one I highly recommend is the Verseo eGlide. The kit is complete and multifunctional. It has all the needed accessories to get your hair removal system done effectively and painlessly.

Having flawless skin is never difficult. It only requires some effort and determination. Using electrolysis hair removal technique, it has been made much easier!

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