Bearpaw Boots Reviews

“If you love your feet, buy the best shoes!”

Wearing the right shoes is as important as choosing the right fashion on an occasion. Well, most women are fond of shoes. High heel shoes give them not only extra height but also extra confidence to walk around.

However, our busy lives sometimes wear us out. We want to remain as attractive as wearing heels but be comfortable at the same time. 

The answer is Bearpaw boots.

Here are some Bearpaw boots for you.

Bearpaw Women's ELLE Tall Fashion...
Bearpaw Hayden 12 Inch Suede...
BEARPAW Kids Baby Girl's Rosie...
Sizes: 6 M US-12 M US
Sizes: 5 M US-11 M US
Sizes: 7 M US-12 M US
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Bearpaw Women's ELLE Tall Fashion...
Sizes: 6 M US-12 M US
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Bearpaw Hayden 12 Inch Suede...
Sizes: 5 M US-11 M US
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BEARPAW Kids Baby Girl's Rosie...
Sizes: 7 M US-12 M US
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Bearpaw Boots Products Reviews

BEARPAW Women's Elle Tall Fashion Boot Review

Elle Features:

Material: Cow suede leader, rubber, sheepskin, wool
Shaft: 12 inches from arch
Heel: About 1 inch
Colors: Olive, hickory, chocolate, charcoal, plum, black
Sizes: 6M US- 12M US

Elle is another innovation by Bearpaw that would surely attract every woman’s attention. It’s casual but chic, suitable to be worn every day wherever you go. It matches any fashion you like on any occasion.

You could pair Elle with your sassy jeans on a summer day, shorts for evening night outs, dresses on a date, or feel warm on a chilly autumn or winter day. There are always a lot of things to wear with this flexible Elle boots.

Elle is mainly made from cow suede. The rubber sole and outsole make the boots look even sturdy and stable.

The sheepskin basically provides warmth and soft inner for the legs and feet. The footbed covered with wool and fine linen guarantee foot comfort and protection.

The shaft extends up to 12 inches from the arch.

The woven heels are not pointy and high, so you could definitely enjoy wearing a pair of Elle with relaxed feet.

You could avail Elle boots in six different classy colors.

Elle Boots Benefits:

  • Cozy
  • Classy
  • Convenient

It has been said that Elle is made from sheepskin and wool, which makes the boots comfortable and warm at the same time. It’s a similar feeling when you are hugged by a soft blanket on a cold night. Elle ensures that your feet are being taken care of inside. You would love wearing them every day. 

Elle is not only comfy but also fashionable. The class it gives and the first impression of casual boots but very stylish make you feel like wearing them all the time. It is also flexible to be worn with any clothes you prefer. Just match the colors and go. Another exciting thing about Elle is the idea that you could possibly fold the shaft quite half-way down to reveal the inner wool with fancy fluff and color.

Elle is very functional. These booties are both water and stain repellent. They are designed under NeverWet Technology, which means they have the ability to withstand water and stain or possibly repel them without any worries. They ensure that your feet stay dry and protected in the rain or snow.

Speaking of the weather, Elle is very prepared for that. These quality boots are designed with durable woven heels and TPR rubber wedge that handle all-weather traction.

No worries about being stuck on a wet road or snowy footwalk. Elle boots are also easy to wear since you have nothing to zip or tie up. They are on the go, just put them on and take your leave.


  • Repels water and stain
  • Withstand any traction
  • Matches any fashion


  • Flat arch
  • No heels

BEARPAW Women's Elle Tall Boot Review Verdict:

Bearpaw Women’s Elle Tall Fashion Boots are treated under NeverWet Technology making them repel water and stain. They are made with quality cow suede, sheepskin, and wool linen for comfort and protection.

Bearpaw Women's Hayden Fashion Boots Review

Hayden Features:

Material: Cow suede, rubber, wool

Shaft: 15 inches

Heel: 1.5 inches

Colors: Black, brown, hickory

Sizes: 5M US- 11M US

Now you can confidently wear boots without feeling awkward or without fearing that people would call you a late baby boomer. Well, we have the right to stay warm during chilly days and the same right we have to wear something that looks fashionable.

These Hayden boots have a long slender shaft that would fit your legs and make them appear longer and sexier. The shaft extends about 15 inches from the arch to the opening.

The outside of the boot is 12 inches tall which covers your lower leg and gives a good fitting as well. Generally, once you wear Hayden, it offers you a perfect hold and a stylish look.

The heels are 1.5 inch high, which gives the user a good lift while walking. This tread wedge has got a typical height for your comfort and balance.

However, if you’re the type who loves high-heel shoes, these boots can’t give you that. They just offer you an additional inch for your height. The platform also measures about 1 inch with a synthetic sole.

Hayden Boots Advantages

  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Warm
  • Sleek
  • Durable

Hayden boots have undergone NeverWet technology treatment, which means they have the ability to repel water, mud, and other things. This technology makes it possible for the boots to repel water even after several washes.

Materials that have been treated with NeverWet become water resistant by forming the liquid to spheres and eventually roll off the fabric. This technology keeps the fabric dry by repelling the liquid away.

Bearpaw created these classy boots with a nice finish. The inner feels comfy and soft with just enough fleece to keep your feet warm walking outside. Since the inside is quite soft, there’s no need for you to wear socks with them.

Hayden boots are designed with balance. You could expect them to protect your feet and legs when the weather is cold and the same way, you could rely on them during usual sunny days since the boots are not very hot to wear.

In addition to Hayden’s comfortability, the materials used are also outstanding. The boots are primarily made of cow suede which is known to be resistant to water and liquids especially when you make sure that it is treated with a quality waterproof spray to improve its texture. In that case, you could possibly increase the rate of its durability and water-resistance.

This pure cow suede has been carefully handpicked from only the best cow suede in the market. This quality suede leather offers a soft inner that is very comfortable for both the feet and legs. Hayden boots outsole is made of molded hard rubber. It is very flexible and durable giving you good traction which would definitely protect you from slipping.

Hayden boots are not just comfortable and durable, they also look fashionable. It’s always challenging to find these complete features in a product. Hayden boots are on the cutting edge. They are very fashionable, artistic, and very elegant. The style is never conventional. Bearpaw is proud to recognize Hayden as a stylistic part of the product line.

Another thing that makes Hayden boots Western-like with a modern touch is the stud trim detail which is composed of three buckle studs on the side part of the shaft. These buckles emphasize elegance and authenticity of Bearpaw boots.

How to Clean Hayden Boots

Slightly moisten the outer part of the boots using cold water. You may use the Bearpaw boot cleaner that is recommended for the type of material your boots have.

Once water is applied, use just enough amount of sheepskin cleaner and conditioner around the boot surface. You could use either a piece of cloth or a sponge to apply the cleaner.

You may also use shampoo or other cleaning solution for cleaning. However, always check if the product you choose won’t damage the quality of the material.

Never soak or wash the entire boots with water and soap or cleaners. It’s advisable to clean just the outer portion of the boots.


  • Knee-length
  • Western-like style
  • Quality boots


  • Not that high

Bearpaw Women's Hayden Boots Review​ Verdict:

Bearpaw Hayden Boots are exquisitely crafted to offer both comfort and style to the customers. They are designed using quality cow suede, rubber, and wool to ensure durability outside and smoothness inside that would calm your feet. Hayden boots have the western-like aura to boost your confidence and with the ability to regulate temperature if it’s hot or cold.

Bearpaw Kids Rosie Toddler Boot Review

Rosie Boot Features:

Material: Cow suede, rubber, sheepskin fur, wool

Colors: Hickory, wine

Sizes: 7 M US Toddlers- 12 M US Little Kid

If you love Bearpaw classic boots, why not share them to your loved ones? Rosie toddler boots are just one pair of fancy and fashionable Bearpaw boots you could offer your young lady. Those little feet also deserve to be pampered, don’t they?

Rosie boots are made from cow suede, wool, sheepskin fur, and rubber. These materials are combined to attract your kids’ attention. The outsole is made from classic thermoplastic rubber or TPR.

The boots have a side opening to easily insert the feet and a single toggle to enclose them. The shaft is not very tall for your kid to feel comfortable and relaxed.

The soft wool lining provides the warmth needed on a cold day. The footbed of the boots is made of soft fluffy sheepskin ideal for your toddler’s sensitive feet and toes.

Rosie was also treated with Neverwet technology making it withstand water and stain. It also provides additional protection for your child’s tender and playful feet.


  • Soft furry inner
  • Quality materials
  • Treated with NeverWet technology


  • Not knee-high

Bearpaw Kids Rosie Toddler Boot Review​ Verdict:

Bearpaw Kids Rosie Toddler Boots are a fun and functional way to protect your little kids’ feet against changes in the weather. They could offer warmth, comfort, and protection most parents are looking for. Additionally, they are made with quality materials to ensure durability and length of use.

About Bearpaw Brand

Bearpaw is like any other footwear brands you could actually grab off the shelves when you go to your favorite malls or shopping sites online.

But unlike other brands, Bearpaw upholds their credibility on this tagline- “Live life comfortably”. Since 2001, Tom Romeo, the founder of Bearpaw, has been working on to preserve that idea in mind as they design various footwears from shoes, sandals, slippers, and even boots.

The goal is to create products that could be worn at all occasions in every season. The brand develops shoes made primarily from sheepskin, an ideal material for making shoes. This natural fabric has the ability to balance body temperature. Sheepskin, as we all know, is a self-regulated material that feels cool and dry when the weather is hot and when it’s cold, it becomes warmer. 

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These amazing characteristics of sheepskin are embedded in every piece of Bearpaw.


You must have been surprised that you could actually wear a pair of boots anytime anywhere. Bearpaw boots offer comfort, fashion, and durability altogether. They are very flexible and could be worn every day. It’s time to replace your old funky boots or your killer heels with a pair of Bearpaw.

We have featured three Bearpaw items in this article but there are more preferences online. The first we have here is Hayden. It’s knee-high, western-style boots with an elegant design. It’s perfect to wear them on a chilly day.

The second pair is Elle boots. I highly recommend these boots because of design and flexibility. They are knee-high, but the good thing is you could actually adjust them to be folded revealing the inner fluff, which is very relevant if you want to wear them either on a rainy or snowy day. Elle is very convenient to wear, no lace, no buckles. It’s simply hassle-free.

For toddlers, you could have Rosie. It’s medium-length and could absolutely protect your kiddo’s gentle feet at all traction.

It’s wonderful to have a variety of shoe choices. But, there is only one that could offer you comfort, fashion, and quality. It’s only Bearpaw. Walk confidently!

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