Hairstyles for Bad Hair Days

There are days when your hair is unmanageable whether it is because of the humidity, or you fell asleep with wet hair and many other reasons. That’s why we recommend that you try these hairstyles that never fail. Also try to prepare you hair with monat!

Low Braid

Tie your hair at the nape of the neck and leave some loose strands on the face. You can curl them with your iron or curling iron. No matter what texture your hair has, this style will work. 

For the final touch, combine it with highlights or a ribbon in the hair. It will strike a balance between a relaxed hairstyle and the delicacy of the accessories.

Low braid

Half-Up Bun

It is suitable for all types of hair and one of the most worn hairstyles today. It is because it is easy to do and gives you a chic style in a few minutes. The amount of hair to collect at crown height will depend on the shape of your face. The longer the hair, the less you have to separate.

Top Knot

In its most modern version, it stands out by making a super tall, disheveled bow or impeller. Brush and brush your hair at the crown of your head.

It will give it more volume. One of the most typical elements used to achieve a fashionable look with the Top Knot is to combine it with a choker that you like.

Hair Braid Sixties

For those who have long hair and have woken up with frizz, this is the best option. The important thing is that it is picked up at the crown of the head after having stretched the hair well. To give it the final touch, you can iron the length or mark some waves with your straightener to make it more defined. A tip? Cover the gummy with a lock of hair.