4th Date Ideas

Shopping or just browsing for some inexpensive yet amazing gifts? Are you out of ideas? Let us give you the top 5 amazing options for your 4th date!

After your first three dates pass by, everything else will go smoothly then on! The first three dates are crucial since during this period, you two build a special bond. Trying to connect with someone on another level can be super fun, but also challenging. If you’ve completely hit it off and you are looking for a way to surprise your date, we recommend showing up with one of these top 5 presents!

A Planner

Plenty of us are trying to get our things & lives sorted. However, living in this modern world and society, we lose our temper, as well as time for ourselves. This is where a planner could come in handy!

Surprise your date with a planner, and ask them to mark a specific date for you to hang out on! Even better (and smoother), you can mark this date in the planner, and surprise them by planning out a sensual dinner, just for the two of you!

Yearly planner

A Box Of Chocolates

Who does not love chocolate? This idea is bulletproof, as well as perfect for any day, event, or opportunity! Go for high-quality chocolate (make sure you know your dates favorite) and wrap it in a beautiful golden or red wrapper. This is perfect if both of you are minimalists, and if you aren’t that serious just yet.


Tickets to see their favorite movie, their favorite sports game, or a concert – why not? Any of these will turn their frown upside down and will give them a reason to smile! Just make sure you pay close attention when they’re talking about who they like and dislike. Always get tickets for something universal if you are not too sure about their preference. For instance, everyone loves comedy movies, and who wouldn’t want to listen to JLO in person, at any given point of the day?

Customized mug

A Personalized Mug

If you want your crush/date/boyfriend/girlfriend to think of you the moment they wake up – get them a personalized mug. As long as they are coffee or tea drinkers – this gift idea will work.

Make sure you go for a cheesy quote, or something really sweet and personal. A good idea, always, is going for a zodiac sign (theirs), or a funny joke/movie reference. As long as it makes sense among the two of you, it will work!

A Puzzle

Not just any puzzle, but a jigsaw puzzle that is customizable will do its magic! Make sure you find a store that does these puzzles correctly. They should print out the first-ever taken picture of the two of you, or a romantic quote. This can be an amazing activity for the two of you, as well as a bit of a challenge. You will get to see how ‘handy’ and compatible you are while doing team-work activities together!