3rd Date Ideas

Wondering what 3rd date ideas are appropriate without being too cringy or too up-front? These five suggestions will always work, see for yourself! There is also a new thing in town read these datebox reviews.

Surprising your date with a sentimental gift can be sweet, but it can also be tricky, and challenging. You just started going out, and you are still unaware of what the other person likes or enjoys receiving. This is why this list will help you gift them bulletproof presents, perfect for any age, gender, as well as preference.

Top 5 3rd Date Ideas


Although this gift is a little more catered towards women, guys, you can never go wrong with a bouquet! Roses are always a bulletproof choice (especially red ones). Although some women like lilies, peonies, as well as tulips. Get a smaller bouquet, your girl will truly appreciate it.

Man holding flower


If you and your date have previously talked about music and their favorite singers or bands, make sure you’ve carefully listened to what your partner was saying. If you did, surprise them with al old-school CD, a tape, or you can even set their favorite song as your ringtone! Sometimes, smaller things and surprises truly matter, and others around you will appreciate them.

A Movie

Do not take them out to see a movie. In fact, show up with their favorite (or yours) CD and recommend that you watch it together! This is an awesome idea if you are planning on spending some time at your home, and especially if you are in the mood for cuddling.
PS: Bring popcorn with you, this will sweep them off their feet.

Couple picture selfie

Couple Picture Printed Out

Show up with your guyses first ever together picture! You can print it out and place it in a wonderful heart-shaped frame. This is something that both men and women love to receive, and these gifts will look great once placed in their apartment, next to their nightstand, laptop, etc. Every time they look at it – they will think of you!

A Gift Card

Lastly, a gift card is an amazing idea, especially if you already know their hobbies and preferences. For instance, some women are into makeup, others are in baking, and some only complain about constantly filling up the gas! So, why not surprise them with a Sephora gift-card, an online cooking course, or even a gas coupon? This does not have to be too expensive, and you can settle with a $20 card. Wrap it up in a bow, and they will love the outcome!

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